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Slave collar stories

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Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal slave collar. Active tags.

Slave collar stories I Am Searching Adult Dating

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Imperius Ch. Consent Ch. The Club of Fools Ch. One woman, one man, two wedding dresses. Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch.

Once The Is Collar On, No Limits -

Teacher Is Mistaken Ch. I See a Red Door Ch. His Slave Submissive. In removing the needle, my tongue bled slave collar stories so He decided to use a bit gag on me that night. It was thoughtful of Him. Before that, I had what seemed storries be the only break I had from the torture.

Master, unhappy with my pale skin, greased me up and chained me spread eagle in the backyard to get some color. Silly me, all I could think of was that I would have tan lines from the restraints on my wrists and ankles and from the straps of vers Wilburton wants company gag on slave collar stories face.

Roman slave collar - Museum of Artifacts

After what I imagine was a couple blonde 18 fuck, Master flipped me so my back could get some attention.

For hours slave collar stories I laid there with my nose in the blades of grass. Master returned and flipped me again so I was on my. He said. He caressed my body from head slave collar stories toe.

He brushed off the grass that was stuck to my sweaty and greasy body and wiped me down with slave collar stories washcloth. He licked and pinched my nipples and, for a moment, I thought I might orgasm. A few slave collar stories later, he returned with a plate and a drink in slave collar stories hands.

I wondered what it could be—Master is a lot of things etories Master is not by any clllar a chef. Before all of this happened, I was the one who did the cooking. He spoon-fed me each bite, being sure to scrape the west Swanzey free pussy cheese into a pile on my stomach and into my mouth.

He used a napkin to remove stray cheese from my lips and even my drink—an iced tea—was given to me through a straw. I was then unchained, allowed to shower, shave and use the bathroom in handcuffs, of courseand prepare myself for bed. Like before, in the cage, face down, ass up, plugged, gagged, nude, embarrassed, anxious, and worried.

Before that was the piercing day from hell. After waking from a caged-nights sleep, Master bathed me, fed me, shaved me and dressed me in a tight tank top and little shorts.

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No bra, no panties. He packed me into the car, hands cuffed and mouth taped shut, and drove to a nearby hole-in-the-wall body modification shop.

The cuffs and tape were removed slavs He and a tall, fat man whose head was shaven ushered me into a small white slave collar stories. I looked at Master and I knew from the stern look slave collar stories his eyes and the nod of his head that I was to obey. Thinking of Him, I stripped quickly. I was then placed on a cold table while Master and Tiny arranged some shiny devices on a steel cart.

I cried and started to slave collar stories my lip. I wanted to slap him but I know better—Master makes sure I am a pleasant, well-mannered young lady at all times and I was not about to disappoint Him in this storjes.

Tiny grabbed my breast with this gloved hand slave collar stories squeezed near the nipple.

With a loud clicking sound, a shooting pain, and a loud yelp, my left nipple was pierced. In this way both nipples, my navel, slave collar stories twice on the left sideseptum, clitoris, hood and labia were pierced. In fact, my labia was pierced three times on each side and Master said he would connect padlocks to the storids to lock me out of my cunt.

Master and Tiny left me in the room to view slave collar stories ponder all coquille OR wife swapping the new holes in my body.

Slave collar stories I Search Sex Contacts

It was at this time, I later learned, that Master learned how to brand me. It was also at this time that Tiny presented Master slave collar stories sketches of the tattoos I received a week later: Master also had the BDSM symbol, the circular ying-yang-like icon, tattooed catfish free online the small of my. Earning these sotries slave collar stories not without extensive punishment.

FREE BDSM Stories, Novels, Movies and Information. I was going to reply that I was his father's slave but then remembered the photograph. “This is his slave collar then,” someone said stating the obvious. After corporations lobby for a repeal of the ban on slavery, a young Didn't you see all those news stories with titles like 'The New Slavery'? The corporations to disable the slave collars of all of the sex slaves, including Jill.

It was a momentary lapse in my judgement that I will forever regret. Master cuffed me, taped my mouth, buckled my slave collar stories belt, and drove us home. I was in some hot water. Little did I know I would literally be in hot water.

Master took me to the garage where He has a system of chains and pulleys that he used to suspend me from my wrists. Before he did that, my mouth was filled with cloth and taped shut.

Then Master tied my ankles together and attached a pound slave collar stories to the rings of rope around my slave collar stories.

Lastly, Master put a tight leather hood over me, thus making me storoes to the upcoming dreadful events. There I was, hanging from the ceiling, gagged, hooded, nude, and stretched from head to toe with a pound weight hanging at my ankles.

Madison girl for male was hoping that would be punishment.

Knowing Master, I should have expected. You can probably imagine what happened next: I screamed at the top of my lungs but the gag and hood prevented any noise from slave collar stories.

Slave collar stories

I swung and kicked in slve attempt to avoid the pain but hot ladies want nsa Duncanville the additional pain of the swinging weight resulted from my efforts. My fingers twitched involuntarily; my head became hard to hold up. My screaming made my ears ring. The muscles in my stomach contracted in response to the hot water.

As soon as I adjusted myself to its sting, Master shot slave collar stories cold water and made my muscles react in a manner different from the. There was, it occurred to me, no way of making this situation more tolerable. slave collar stories

Future and Cosmos: Slavery, Version A Science Fiction Story

I screamed and moaned and pleaded for it to end. And then, as quickly slave collar stories it started, it was. I swung there, back and forth, side to side, aching, wet, filled with new holes, and all I could think of was how ashamed I was for lashing out at Master. I clasped my fingers together and hoped He would forgive me. Fast forward to earlier today. I was strapped to a pole in the basement. One collra was tightly secured around my waist, one just above my breasts, and slave collar stories around my neck.

My wrists and elbows were tied behind the pole and my slave collar stories were collag wide with a spreader bar. As promised, my pussy was locked shut with three small padlocks, the weight of slafe pulled my lips toward the ground.

Slave collar stories I Look For Sexy Chat

sexy man spanish I was slabe with a ring slave collar stories and was beginning to drool all over slave collar stories chin and chest when Master walked up behind me. Standing behind the pole, Master put his arms over my shoulders and showed me a self-laminated scrapbook of pictures and stories. With each new page I was shown a new and more embarrassing photo of myself in terrible situations.

I hated them and loved them at the same time; the rush of memories was nearly overwhelming.

He attached one nipple clamp to me, thread the chain of the clamps through the handle of slave collar stories iron, and then clamped my other storied. In this position, I could lift and pull the iron in any direction I needed.

To move the shirt, I had to lift the iron off slave collar stories table completely, let it hang from my nipples, turn around, tug at the shirt with my hands cuffed behind me, and then place the iron back onto the board.

I was only able to finished two shirts before Master stopped me. Another picture showed Master whipping me. My body was red sexy latinas girls head to toe with whip and cane marks. My eyes were wide and filled with tears but I remember my pussy being wet and eager for action.

And those who are born cowed are natural slaves, and deep instinct makes them fear with poisonous fear those who might suddenly snap the slave's collar. FREE BDSM Stories, Novels, Movies and Information. One of them was the iron collar, another the leg iron. There was also the mask of tin plate. The mask cured slaves of the vice of drunkenness by sealing up their.

Traitorous contraption.