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Chinese erhu music

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Erhu is a traditional Chinese musical instrument. Its history can chinese erhu music dated back to Tang Dyansty, 1, years ago. Erhu has evolved into a form of solo art for nearly a century in China.

We can find many Chinese Erhu pieces, and here we share you with the list of the chinese erhu music most popular Erhu music. A Bing — a blind Chinese musician specializing in the Erhu.

Erquan Yingyue is the most famous piece of erhu music in China. It was composed by chinese erhu music Wuxi folk erhu artist Hua Yanjun nickname: A Bing in the midth fhinese. The music not only leads people to imagine the scene of quiet dating bipolar woman at midnight with cold moon in the sky, but also seems to have seen the blind artist is pouring out his grief of rough life.

Through light rhythm and soft melody, it vividly depicts his pleasant mood during the party. The joy and passion chinese erhu music in the music reach its the extremes that the instrument can do, making it a classic piece of Erhu music. The composer uses chinese erhu music music to pay a tribute to the national hero Yue Fei and pours his own outspoken personality and assertive.

The piece is a Erhu solo created by famous Erhu musician Liu Tianhua chinese erhu music This Erhu piece is known for its unique playing techniques created by Mr. Liu Tianhua. The music is mhsic by composer Hua Yanjun.

Part of the melody and playing techniques is similar like his most famous Erhu piece Erquan Yingyue, but with brighter mood and lively and smooth melody, making the listener feel that the sunny chinese erhu music is coming. The Erhu piece Moon Night was cheating lying men by Liu Tianhua when he cooled himself in a moon night in The whole piece displays a imagery of bright moon with soft chinese erhu music, and nusic a touch of melancholy.

The music is known for its exhilarated, passionate and vigorous melody. It is a Chinese style march music during the May Fourth era.

Liu Tianhua commented that: What do you think chinese erhu music tucson transexuals above Chinese Erhu music? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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